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Herb Gardening

Basics of Caring for Yarrow Plants

Yarrow plants are lovely additions to any flower garden or landscaping project. Learn the basics about yarrow plants to keep them beautiful and healthy, year after year....(more)

Companion Plants for Woolly Thyme in a Rock Garden

Wooly thyme makes a great ground cover in sun or partial shade in hardiness zones 4 to 8. Producing lavender blooms in the summer, it prefers a dry soil and looks especially attractive when cascading over stones in a rock garden or planted between pavers in your walkway. This hardy little plant can serve as a great understory to your flowerbed when you choose suitable companion plants....(more)

Selecting the Ideal Location for Installing a French Drain

If you want to create a beautiful landscape that soothes your eyes and soul but adds more than just beauty to your life, consider the versatile yarrow plant. With its feathery leaves and clusters of colorful flowers, yarrow has both ornamental and medicinal virtues. Here are a few tips on successful yarrow plant care....(more)

Feathery Foliage: Growing Yarrow Plants in a Rock Garden

Yarrow plants add feathery foliage and clusters of tiny flowers from spring to autumn. This drought-tolerant perennial can make a great addition to your rock garden, painting it with swathes of color that attract butterflies....(more)


The Importance of Dormant Pruning

Deciduous trees and shrubs benefit greatly from dormant pruning in winter, which can be accomplished more efficiently and effectively while minimizing stress to the plant. ...(more)

Techniques to Water Your Plants

Watering affects the health and appearance of your plants. Understanding the basic watering principles, and available techniques will help you water more effectively and economically, yielding a beautiful, healthy landscape....(more)

Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Low-Maintenance Landscape

If you have minimal time for yard work but still desire gorgeous landscaping, low-maintenance elements are key. These dos and don'ts can help you design a landscape that requires little upkeep and attention....(more)


Guide for Popular Pumps Designed for Small Pond Fountains

Landscaping with ponds is a great way to bring peace and tranquility to your space. Small pond pumps can produce a fountain in your pond to add to the elegance of the landscaping. Choose from these top small pond fountains to create your backyard paradise....(more)

How to Install Decorative Garden Fountains

A soothing water fountain can be the perfect addition to make any yard or garden a relaxing oasis. These can be as simple or extravagant as your tastes and budget desire, and are not difficult to install. It is a simple Saturday project, and you are just a day away from transitioning your everyday garden to a tranquil getaway. Here are the steps you need to follow to install a decorative garden fountain.step title="Determine Where You Want to Place Your Fountain" order="1">You have made the decision to get a fountain, now, where to install it? Choose a place where you can enjoy it, but where you can easily get to it for installation, adding water and cleaning. Somewhere that there is an access path between flowers, in a mulch or rock bed, or even just out in the grass are perfect areas....(more)

Backyard Accents: Creating Small Water Fountains

In many parts of the world, small water fountains display remarkable and serene beauty. You can enjoy many of these features with a small water fountain in your backyard. By following these basic steps, you can build a fountain and improve the looks of your property....(more)

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