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Five Landscaping Tips With A Deck

Decks can be inviting spaces that beckon you to venture outdoors, and when landscaped correctly, the deck becomes a gateway to the garden and lawn beyond....(more)

Steps to Building Your Own Freestanding Deck

Have you considered building a freestanding deck in your yard? A freestanding deck is perfect for when you need a flat, stable space in the yard for entertaining or just relaxing with the family. However, before you pull out the tools and supplies, there are some steps you need to take....(more)

The Successful Construction of a Floating Deck

Having an outdoor deck adds to your home. It gives you a space to entertain or just enjoy being outside in nature. There is no rule on how large a deck has to be. If you only have a small space, you can still enjoy a deck. You can use a floating deck construction to create an outdoor space for your home. Floating decks are just a few inches off the ground and there is no need for tall posts or stairs with this type of deck. You have the same ability to enjoy being outside as you would with a taller deck. With some simple dos and don'ts for floating decks you will be able to plan and create your own....(more)

Waterproofing Your Deck: Why Thompson's Water Seal Seals the Deal

Thompson's Water Seal is a wood sealant for outdoor wood surfaces. There are good reasons why it is the best thing to use to seal your deck. Thompson's is the company behind a full line of water protection products used on outdoor surfaces including a new fabric protector in a spray can....(more)


How Weeds Can Help Indicate Soil Type

Weeds, although pesky, can offer clues to the soil conditions in our gardens. Once identified, the soil can either be amended or used for plants that thrive in the given conditions....(more)

Controlling Crab Grass

Crab grass can be best combated by maintaining a healthy lawn and following proper mowing methods. Herbicides can be employed both before the crab grass germinates and after; however, the most effective defense is preventing their growth all together....(more)

Ward off the Weeds: Tips for Applying Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Are you worried about weeds dominating your yard? Use these tips to effectively apply a pre-emergent herbicide to your garden to halt the offenders....(more)


Popular Landscaping Rock Types

Landscape rocks are popular, attractive, and functional. Their uses are diverse, from pathways to walls to decorative edging and ground cover. They add great texture and color and are a true asset to any landscape....(more)

Choosing the Perfect Garden Trellis Design for Your Landscape

As varied as your needs, taste, and style may be, there's a garden trellis to match. Trellises serve a variety of functions in the landscape in addition to adding unique, architectural interest. Consider your needs, budget, style, location, and size before choosing a trellis....(more)

Landscaping Secrets: The Benefits of Landscaping With Stone

If you are looking for a material with which to pave your walkway or make a flower garden, consider landscaping with stone. As a beautiful, weather-resistant and tough material, stone has several benefits that wood and concrete do not....(more)

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