4 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

You probably don't think much about your gutters, whether you are a new homeowner or you've been living there for years. To be honest, not many people do think about their gut (MORE)
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Dispelling Artificial Grass Infill Myths

Synthetic lawns are about more than the base and the blades of grass. In order to have the blades of grass stand up straight and stiff, it's typically a good idea to use infil (MORE)
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Removing Odors from Artificial Grass

Artificial grass lawns are a safe and easy-to-maintain alternative to natural grass lawns for pet owners. Pets love playing on artificial turf and homeowners can avoid finding (MORE)
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Help Save the Environment By Switching to Artificial Grass

"Going green" is a great way to help the environment but that doesn't always mean you need to rely on green natural grass. In fact, there are many reasons why removing your na (MORE)